How Jesus Served

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The scriptures tell us that the things that are written in it were written for our instructions. The life of Jesus is our example for living. Jesus carried out his ministry in a beautiful way that if we stop and look at how he did things, we will benefit tremendously from it.He had his vision (purpose):  From the foundation of the world, the father prepared Jesus and gave him the assignment to save mankind. Jer. 1 God has prepared all of us and given us callings, do you know yours? He prepared and waited for the right time to start executing the vision.

Went to his area of assignment / his mission field: At the appointed time, God sent him to go to his mission field (earth). He came from heaven (John 6:33-38)and was born of the virgin (Luke 2)

Jesus prepared himself: We see him learning in the temple at age 12, baptism, fasting for 40 days in the wilderness.

Presented himself to the people he was to serve: He declared clearly who he was and why he came. He first sent John the Baptist to announce his coming and point him out.

He served the people: Healed their sick, fed the hungry, preached the gospel.

He identified and selected his disciples (followers): He chose the core disciples, the twelve. Inside the twelve he confided in 3 most. Note that he hand picked the core and didn’t merely accept anyone who was willing to come. The other crowd of disciples he didn’t select.

He prayed all night the night before he selected the twelve disciples. Prayer was key in Jesus’ ministry. He prayed often.

He prepared for the future of his ministry when he wouldn’t be there: He trained disciples or followers who will take over from him when he was gone. Good leaders think about their ministries long after they are gone. They train people today to take over from him. Jesus trained his disciples

Through verbal instruction (his teaching in public and in private –Jesus made it a point to teach his disciples.)
Through demonstration and examples (healing the sick before sending them out to heal and cast out demons, washing their feet to show them humility…)
Sent them out to practice (in pairs), told them where to go, and gave them some limits. (Luke 10:1-18)
Evaluated their performance when they came back and reported. (Luke 10:1-18)
Presented a hard case and how to solve it. (Matthew 17:14-20)

He was sacrificial: He completed his work by dying for the people. He loved the people he was sent to serve, didn’t Lord it over his disciples but laid his life down for them.

He provided clear instructions: He gave his disciples  instructions on what to do when he is gone to heaven: the Great Commission. Before giving them the great commission and sending them out, he had sent them out two by two to go and preach to the tribes of Israel. When they returned, he evaluated their performance.

He sent help to his disciples: He sent the Holy Spirit – John 14:16-18. He made sure his disciples waited until they got help before they went out into the world to start preaching. (Luke 24:49)

Now he intercedes continually for them: He is continually praying for his disciples. He wants them to succeed and even do more than he did.  Not only so, he answers prayer requests from his disciples now, sending reinforcement to all of them especially the obedient and hardworking ones, the fruitful ones.

He has prepared a reward system: He will come at his appointed time to take his disciples and there will be reward for good service.

That system is the perfect system for ministry. If you follow these principles that Jesus used, you will succeed in ministry.

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