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How to hear God : Listen to God’s heart

One of the things that the Grace of God through Jesus Christ provides for us who are believers in Christ is the ability to hear God speak to us and for us to speak to God in response. This webpage will be dedicated to showing our readers “how to hear God.”

How exactly are we going to show people how to hear God? We are going to do it through a series of blog posts on the subject of hearing God. When we find a good video on how to hear God, we will put it up as well. Our goal is to show every Christian that 1) God speaks today as he did in the Bible times, 2) They can hear God clearly, and 3) Give them some help on how to hear God.
Our main information sources will be:

1) Accounts of other people hearing God in the Bible.
2) The experience of other leaders in the faith: How have Christians been hearing God for the last 2,000 years?
3) We will also share with you how we hear God speak to us personally.

The manner in which you will hear God will be tailor-made for you by God who is your father. So we will not be focused on giving you a prescription on how to hear God. What we will do is that we will discuss things that will help any one of us to hear God better. Even though God will speak to us in different ways during different times, there will be many similarities between the way he speaks to each of us. So there will be more similarities about the way we each hear God than there would be differences. That’s a good thing.

Again, we are going to call this page our “How to Hear God” page. So if you are interested in joining us to learn how to hear God, please bookmark this page or subscribe to our emails and comeback often to read updated emails.

How to Hear God.

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